blogger meet up! hanging out with meaghan of left hand endeavor

I just had a near 5 hour Nashville coffee date with beautiful Meaghan of Left Hand Endeavor and her boyfriend, Mike! 

When Meaghan told me that she would be coming through Nashville and was free to meet, I was excited and nervous. Her blog is one of my favorites (her Wakefield Express post especially left a big impression on me), so of course I wanted to meet her! But this was our first blogger meet up, and the internet adds all sorts of weird dynamics to friendships. Online communication is a funny new medium.. what does communication do without nonverbals, anyway? Wasn't I taught in college that communication is 90% nonverbal? How is online communication doing so well on its meager 10%, then? Should I start using italics and caps more often to give inflection?

It ended up being wonderful. Meaghan and Mike were so much fun to talk to - we actually had plans to check out vintage stores in the area, but we talked for so long that by the time we were finished, everything was closed (including the coffee shop we were at!). And we talked about everything.. literally. From fashion (all boys should wear v necks, period) to Canada to South Park (watch out for underwear stealing gnomes) to Star Wars to glam rock (Brian Eno!) to Rasputin. It was a blast, and I'm really thankful that they took time out of their trip to make a stop!

And to continue in the Etsy Week tradition.. Meaghan has an Etsy shop that you should really look at! Check it out here..

To finish off Etsy Week, I will be posting another Etsy designer interview as well as a shop preview this weekend! I have been doing more than coffee drinking and conversing, I promise. I'll show you evidence of that tomorrow.

But it's always fun to take five hour coffee breaks from Etsying with seriously cool, well rounded, crazy interesting individuals from Montreal.