etsy interview with lulufinder, designer and magical vintage reworker

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I am fascinated by the Etsy community. There is so much creativity there, so many ways to be inspired. It feels good to buy because you know who you are supporting and how much love they put into their items, handmade or vintage. You really are, no matter how cheesy it may sound, contributing to their dreams. Lately, I've been searching for designers.. those crazy people who are so talented they can actually make a garment from scratch. I can shorten a skirt or cut off sleeves from a ratty t shirt, but actually create something from nothing? I'm nowhere near that imaginative, and patterns throw me for a loop. Maybe if I pester enough designers with questions, their expertise will rub off on me.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Alexandra of Lulufinder, one of my absolute favorite Etsy designers, some questions! She has a great Etsy shop filled with handmade items as well as a blog that definitely deserves following. Her shop is filled with beautiful rompers made from vintage fabrics.. all with lovely lace trims and bows. Her clothes accentuate the feminine in flirty yet sophisticated ways. Never too soft, always a great blend of cuteness with an edge. And I want to own every piece.

What have you been up to?

Right now, I am going a bit haywire finishing up my first collection for fashion week S/S 2010. It has been an amazing experience yet a little scary! Aside from that, I've been reading in Prospect Park and eating tons of ice cream.

How would you describe your sense of style?

My style is forever changing, though over the years I've consistently been charmed by playful and feminine silhouettes. I collect a lot of vintage clothes and am usually playing with scissors so I suppose most of the time i'm dressed in something that I've cut up and pinned together in a hasty manner!

What are your plans for the future?

I'm off to South America next month which is just dreamy! Then of course I'm anticipating my fashion show in September. My next quest is to find a small town to occupy for the winter and sit quietly. Maybe improve my disgraceful cooking skills.

What inspires you most of all?

Brigitte Bardot's hair. Though most of all I would say music or everyday exploration and talking to strangers.

Thanks, Alexandra!!