etsy week GIVEAWAY!

Starting off Etsy week today! I am so excited about this - I have been waiting to write this post for a few weeks now. My Illinois friend Jess has an amazing Etsy store, Wayside Violet, where she sells lovely knitted cozies and other handmade things. Because she is sweet, she has offered to give away one of her cozies on my blog!

The great part? Not only do you get a cozy for free, you get to choose which cozy you'd like! You can choose between the new, feminine Bow Cozy (above) made with soft merino wool, or the mocha brown Bark Button Cozy (my favorite!). 

If you'd like to win, all you have to do is comment on this post! I will select a winner at random. Let me know which cozy you would like and maybe tell me something about yourself that I don't know. Tell me your drink addictions - coffee? Tea? Moonshine? Or, tell me an embarrassing story from your youth. Or tell me what you've been into style-wise lately. Or just write 'comment'.

Let me share a random embarrassing story from my youth. My lovely, angelic older sisters Rhi and Ash used to play Legos with their dorky younger sister. We would build houses and be neighbors and talk suburban. One day, Rhiannon walked her Lego guy over to my Lego house and said that she would build a deck for me. I was so happy - a Lego deck! - and I said ok. She took my house, built the deck secretly, then gave it back to me. Brand new beautiful deck. Just a little bit later, Rhiannon walked a Lego policeman over to my Lego house and demanded to inspect it. He tore open the deck only to find body parts. Lego heads and legs and such. I was arrested.

I will announce the winner of the giveaway a week from today, so you have until then to comment! That will also be the day I begin my Etsy shop, so keep checking in. I'll be posting a store preview soon, as well as interviews with some of my favorite Etsy designers. If you love Etsy or want to learn more about it, there's no reason to stay away.

And whatever you do, check out Jess' shop!