as I watch ghostbusters and dream of james joyce, I post to you all about the benefits of online shopping and my etsy expectations

photos by Neil!

Dress, flower necklace (used as headband) - Ruche
40s fringe shoes - Thrift
Suitcase set - Antique store

More job/unpacking chaos and more internet withdrawals. I think work sucks the creativity out of you, which is why I think no one should ever have to work. Let's boycott 40 hour work weeks and cubicles. Let's watch Office Space and wear old clothes. Forget college and societal expectations. Read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man instead.

Tonight, we're headed to a hippy coffee shop to watch a friend of ours play some music, and this is what I'm wearing. I just received this lovely dress and headband (technically, a necklace) from Ruche, a wonderful online store that you should definitely check out. Also, I had to show you all this light blue suitcase set. I stole the makeup case from Ash, who left it at home during college which, to high school me, meant she no longer wanted it. :) The other, I found later at an antique store. Old suitcase sets are the greatest.

I'm also happy to announce that this Monday starts Etsy Week! My Etsy Store will be opening on Monday, July 20th, and I have decided to give you a preview this upcoming week, as well as show you why I personally love Etsy.

I'm really excited about this store. I've decided to update my shop every Monday and to give every week a new theme, based on a trend or a certain fashion era that I love. What are your favorite trends and styles right now? I'm all for your inspiration and ideas.