300 mph finger breaking, no answers making, battered dirty hands, bee stung and busted up, empty cup torrential outpour blues

Photos by Rhi!

Red, white and blue dress - gift from Rhi, thrift
White 80s flats - thrift
Bow headband, floral ring - Forever21

Well, Neil and I are officially Nashville residents! We moved in on Monday, and as soon as we were there I called an internet provider. As it turns out, they aren't free for an appointment until a week from today. Nine days without internet. I've been hurting without this life-giving connection in front of me. Thank the Lord for coffee shops.

It has been a hectic beginning. We jumped into work and after full 8 hour days, we haven't made a lot of progress with unpacking. It has been fun, and crazy, and fun. Our Darth Vader bust is sitting quietly in our new living room next to a nice 70s burlap lamp I found at an Illinois antique store. And the bathroom and kitchen are put together. That is about it. It will be a wonderful day when every item is put in its proper position and I have a good one hour to take pictures of it all. You will definitely be seeing the finished product.. just give us three weeks and 200 gallons of coffee. Each.

These pictures were taken at my grandparent's house during the rainstorm.. the one that flooded my grandma's garden, the one Rhi, Drew and I narrowly missed during the drive. Even though the light was patchy, Rhiannon managed to take some lovely photos, and I had to show them off here. Thank you, awesome sister!