photos by Drew!

on Rhi -
Floral dress, belt - thrift store
Purse, shoes - etsy
necklace - antique store

on me -
Gingham dress - thrift store
Crocheted socks, belt, red hair bows - Forever21
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

I'm taking a packing break to tell you about my weekend! I have to sneak this in fast before the guys come home and take my stuff away. This weekend was, by far, one of my favorite 4th of July celebrations.

A lot has happened this past week with Neil's dad in the hospital, our dog dying, moving plans, and family coming over.. All of the chaos, some good, some scary and sad, has really helped me to appreciate the present. What is happening right now. It made the time I spent with my sisters this week even more memorable and meaningful, as well as with the rest of the family - with Neil's, with mine. I've always been a person to focus on the past or future and I've been teaching myself how to stop. It's important to me now to get the most out of what's going on around me now, and not to reminisce too much about what's happened, or to worry about or idealize what's to come.

Although I admit, I can't wait for Christmas. The whole family will be together and even after seeing my beautiful sisters just recently, I miss them already!

I'm so glad Rhi and I got a chance, in the middle of everything, to take these pictures! We found beautiful areas on the way up to my grandparent's house and made a couple stops with Drew and Rufus. We also narrowly missed a rainstorm that flooded my poor grandma's flower garden (their ducks were swimming in the yard! Every once and awhile, we would see them float past the windows). 

It ended up being a beautiful day. The sky was washed out with the rain, and everything took on this pretty muted green color. All of the rain made the house feel cozier than usual, and it was a comfortable, calm end to the 4th of July weekend. My grandpa talked politics, and Neil set fire to some bananas in the kitchen. Business as usual, of course.

Hope everyone had a good and safe and crazy celebration!