necessity is the mother of invention.. or at least the older sibling.

photos by Neil!

White and brown clover blouse - thrift (from a 60s/70s Girl Scout jumper)
Seafoam green button up skirt - 80s thrift
1960s gold buttoned heels - gift from Rhi! (thrift)
Green vintage lace collar bow - fabric store in Hohenwald, TN

Thank you for the wonderful Etsy store reception, all... and to let you know, 24 hours left for the free shipping deal!!

Modcloth recently listed a Terrific Transformations Contest on their fantastic blog, asking bloggers to post about a major event or transformation in their life that changed the way they saw things. What an awesome idea - we've all had those moments/days/years. Here is mine. :)

I believe my transformation is happening as we speak.. and it's possibly the biggest one of my short life. Neil and I have almost been married for a year, I've been out of college for longer than that, but for the first time I truly feel like we're doing things on our own. We, together, are standing on our own (four) feet. It's a time that's filled with millions of contradicting emotions - we're pleased, proud, terrified, in awe, excited. Terrified.

We recently moved to Nashville and both had jobs when we made the jump. Unfortunately, one week after starting mine, I was laid off due to lack of business (and me being the last person hired.. well, you get the idea). While this freed up time for things that I absolutely love (this blog, Salvation Army, reading classics, playing computer games, starting the store), it didn't exactly free up any money. As we are right now, relying solely on Neil's income, we don't quite have enough to pay the bills. We might have to go into our savings in order to pay for things like groceries and internet in the next couple of months.. how scary is that?

It truly is a scary beginning, but what baffles Neil and I is the sense of peace that we have. We are happy more than sad, comfortable more than scared. Really, really content.. and for the first time, I feel all of these creative ideas just running rampant. All of a sudden, when more important things are at stake (like eating, for example!), I'm visualizing all of these blog posts to write, interviews to conduct, pieces to sew, podcasts to listen to (Winston Churchill rocks and he was literally built for wartime, a really interesting guy). I feel more and love more (my husband is even cooler than Winston Churchill), and I've probably learned more in the last two weeks than I have in college, too. I've certainly worked harder. My faith is stronger.

Life has been too easy until now, I've had few responsibilities. You don't learn anything from easy life, you don't grow. But now that it's a bit tougher, I appreciate nearly everything.. and for some reason, my brain feels more efficient and my mind is racing with good things. Working at jobs I don't enjoy and are not fulfilled by makes me seek positions that will fulfill and sustain me. The same with Neil - he's always enjoyed cooking, but there is a renewed passion in him now.

Is it true? Is necessity truly the mother of invention? 

This entry is in no way meant to attract pity. Neil and I will be fine, I've been looking for other jobs, I'm very pleased with how my store has turned out so far, and we have fantastic families who will always be there to help us out. What I mean to do by writing this, is, I guess.. to emphasize the importance of attitude and perspective. The happiest man in the world is not the richest or the most beautiful, I'm convinced. It's the man who chooses happiness over resentment or greed or anger. I really believe that we have more power over our circumstances than our circumstances do over us. We decide what makes or breaks us. I didn't say it was easy, but we do have the power.

So here we are, living a semi-bohemian lifestyle with a frugal budget. I don't know the next time I'll be able to shop at Urban Outfitters or go out to eat at a great place, and I really don't mind.

I'd love to hear all of your transformational stories - what you guys are going through right now! I was so blessed by your responses to my first post, your stories about your not-so-relevant degrees. Also, about losing family pets last month. It's a comfort to realize how often we are all going through the same experiences in life.