summertime crafting and picnics personified

Photos by the pretty amazing Neil Edward Winter.

Mexican lace dress, 70s heels - thrifted
Ivory belt, stirrup leggings, earrings - Forever21
Floral hair pin - handmade

Neil had a day off today and we took it easy, going to Trader Joe's to buy some pizza ingredients for a movie night we're having with some cool friends tomorrow and watching Orson Welles films and documentaries. We've been on an Orson Welles kick lately - we watched Jane Eyre this past week, The Third Man yesterday, and Citizen Kane today.. and The Lady from Shanghai is on our queue! I can't wait to get some Rita Hayworth 40s fashion inspiration.

So while we watched movies, I crafted it up. I made two hair pins, one with yellow lace from that great Hohenwald fabric store and one with red felt and an old checkered tablecloth I found at an antique store. The red tablecloth hair pin was definitely influenced by Lulufinder's perfect Nashville Picnic Dress.

The dress I'm wearing in the pictures is a great handmade dress found at a Goodwill someplace.. It's very bohemian and perfect for this time of year (the lace and the floral detail on the skirt are fantastic). Everywhere I look, I see these lovely off the shoulder dresses with ruffles at the top, so wearing this is my version of paying homage to all of the feminine ruffles around.

I don't think I've ever dressed as girly as I have lately. I love big skirts, flowers, lots of lace.. wasn't it me who wrote about finding an edge and a fine line between masculine and feminine in your wardrobe? Well, I need to practice what I preach. I fell in love with the new Dead Weather album this past week. I think I'll post this weekend about how gorgeously mannish rocker girls like Alison Mosshart can be.

It was such a beautiful day today.. I have gone through the past couple of months blindly, not too aware of the season, the overwhelming green, the heat. I know I have awhile to still enjoy it, but just to make absolutely sure we live this summer to its fullest, Neil and I are going out tonight and getting some ice cream.

Enjoy the beginning of your weekend, whatever the weather might be like!