the velvet bird giveaway winner(!!) and my lace bow, lace dress

Photos by NEIL!

Cream Lace Dress - Forever21
60s Ivory Shoes - thrifted gift from Rhi
Floral Straw Bag - Local Honey
Seafoam Green Lace Bow - handmade

Well, my crafting progress has been better than usual. I've started six projects.. and finished one. But at least I'm in the process of a few!

The project I finished was a small one - the seafoam green lace bow above. I sewed it to a hair clip with the full intention of wearing it in my hair today, but lately I've seen so many beautiful girls with bowties and the like that I was inspired to attach the bow to my dress, instead. I think it works really well!

Today, Neil and I made a stop at Bongo Java, which is right next to Venus and Mars (of Karen Elson fame). Bongo Java was Nashville's first local coffeeshop, started by a man who didn't really like coffee, a man disgruntled by his current career path - journalism and political organizing. He started his cafe path in 1993 and has since expanded its operations to four different locations as well as a wholesale roasting company. 

Have I told you I'm inspired by unconventional living (that's a yes)? I'm inspired by unconventional living. And to me, one of the biggest signs of living your life unexpectedly, impulsively, and to its fullest, is switching career paths, despite familial or financial pressure, in order to begin a business that you love. I need to meet this man.

The Bongo Java we visited faces Belmont University's campus, so the whole block has an eclectic, dilettante air. Just like most coffeehouses, it's filled to the brim with college students talking about Nietzsche and Britney Spears. While college students (and we post grads as well, I can't discriminate) are known for pretentiousness, it's always fun to sit around places like that and people watch, wondering which ones who talk big will act big in the future, and which ones will just continue to talk big.

Alright, what you all have been waiting for.. the winner of the Velvet Bird giveaway! The winner is Genevieve.. aka.. the Bandit! Congrats, Genevieve - you picked the bow necklace, and now it's yours! Everyone else, better luck next giveaway.. but definitely check out Genevieve's fantastic and artsy blog here!

Thanks to all of you who participated, but a monumental thanks goes to Vanessa for her fantastic interview and for the giveaway. After getting to know her beautiful self and her crazy lifestyle, I can't wait to see her future store plans.

Only a few hours left for my shop's Back to School Sale!