BLOGGER MEET UP!! a coffee date with the coolest vanessa i've ever met.

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet Vanessa of the Velvet Bird.. the very same girl that sponsored a giveaway from her woodworking Etsy shop last month!

I was insanely happy to hear that she was coming through Nashville with her husband Patrick's band, so we looked up the nearest coffee shop to their venue and set a time.

It was all great.. it's not every day that I get to talk conspiracy theories, computer games, AND fashion with the same person. Vanessa was so easy going and fun to talk to! And adorable (she was wearing perfect stuff - tights with shorts and awesome oxfords). Her mannerisms were unique and cute and quirky, which really reminded me of my sister Rhi. She was just completely herself. How do you meet a person and instantly feel so comfortable and at home?


The saddest part of blogger meet ups is obvious - when you've got to take off. You're never positive when you'll see each other again. Fortunately for me, Vanessa lives around the Savannah, Georgia area, which is not very far at all.

I've been so blessed to have two amazing meetings with two amazing bloggers (and you too, Mike!), and the timing could not have been better. With Neil and I still acclimating to the Nashville area, even after a few months, meeting people that I find an instant bond with helps me deal with Nashville newness immensely. And it drives home the idea of having a wide blogger meet up.. let's all get it together, for real! How great would it be to pick a weekend and get as many cool fashion/vintage bloggers together as possible?

And, by the way. If you notice any differences between the photos, it's because Vanessa's camera rocks and mine.. well.. doesn't.

YES weekends! Hope you all are enjoying yours! We're hitting up the Southern Fried Festival tomorrow.. where Neil is a contestant in the Fried Dessert Challenge! Can anything beat his homemade ricotta fritters and brandy caramel sauce? We'll find out!!

And I'm working on a hand sewn plaid bow hair comb!!

(I can't wait to stuff myself with fried oreos and funnel cakes.)