decide what to be, and go be it.

Velvet Bodice Gunne Sax Dress - Thrifted in St Louis
White Bow Headband, Black Fringe Boots - Forever21

Last weekend was a fantastic time, the highlight being a wedding we attended on Saturday.. and this is what I wore! It's a bit Minnie Mouse-ish, and I'm really alright with that. 

The dress is actually a Gunne Sax dress I found in St Louis (Julie, it came from Ruth's Vintage on Cherokee St.. you should go there, that woman is the sweetest!).. this is what it looked like when I bought it.

I shortened and layered the tulle underneath as well as the skirt, and I attempted to dye it black.. the dye didn't take. It made it a tiny bit darker, but not completely black, which is what I was going for. I'm buying some dye for synthetic fabrics this time and trying it again. Do you guys have any other ideas on what to do with the dress? I'd like to combine feathers somehow, probably in the skirt, but I'm wondering how to sew them on.

My look is partly inspired by Betsey Johnson's Spring 2010 line, found here.. I usually don't like bright colors (and I still loathe animal print), but there are parts to this collection (like the last outfit!) that are ridiculously girlish and adorable.

Isn't he beautiful? Neil is wearing a cotton suit and black button up from Express, white v neck from UO. Do you like his smug face in the first photo?

It was great to be with our school friends again. We're all headed our separate ways, nearly all of us settling in different states, so this time was really important to Neil and I.

Besides having an awesome time dancing to disco and horrible late 90's pop hits (Neil and I danced together the entire night, and he even did the splits! I didn't know it was possible!!), what the visit did, most of all, was push my pursuit of intentional living. I talk a lot about that on this blog, but I keep receiving affirmation that money and fame mean very little in lieu of living with purpose and passion. And living AUTHENTICALLY. Be yourself. No walls, no acting a certain way to please others and forgetting about yourself in the process.

Right now, it's a transitory time for Neil, for me, and for all of our friends. It isn't easy being a college graduate, especially in today's economy.. and we are all feeling it. But what we can't lose sight of - despite bills and failures and discouragement - is living with that idealistic, impenetrable hope that we all had at our first year of school.. I might not be a hard nosed pragmatist or even very realistic about this, but I still believe we can do anything we set our minds to. We've got to be fighters, that's all.

Some lines from a song on the new Avett Brothers CD (free listen on NPR - here! check it out if you haven't already) really hit home for me today.

When nothing is owed, or deserved, or expected. 
And your life doesn't change by the man that's elected. 
If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected. 
Decide what to be, AND GO BE IT.

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