etsy shop update!

This and more in the shop, including these lovely 1960's alligator heels, retro TWA cabin bag, and structured tweed hunting blazer!

I'm very pleased about the mint green sweater in the pictures above.. while it might come from the 1950's, I'm pretty sure it's from the 40's - which would make it the oldest thing yet to make it into my shop. I always find good 60's shoes and fun 80's dresses, but never have I found anything older than the 50's that was decent enough to list.. so, so happy!

There are many things I'm looking forward to this week.. but to start, I can't wait to post pictures of the wedding this past weekend and get your feedback on my altered dress! For now, I'm going to begin The Lost Symbol. After Etsying it up all day, my brain needs some Masonic action.

Hope you're having a memorable start to your week!