my birthday celebration and bow crafting for good friends

Photos by Neil!

Velvet and Lace Dress - thrifted, little girl's section, in Nashville
Black Crinoline - Katy K's, a Nashville store with a western theme
Wooden Heart Pendant - H&M
Brown Moccasin Bow Wedges - Urban Outfitters

I've been terrible about blogging! I had to take a mini break due to the craziness that has been my past week. Besides tons of work, Wednesday was my birthday, Thursday was the last day with our houseguests, and Friday, we left for St Louis and Illinois for an insane weekend!

I am back now, and how I've missed you, internet.. I definitely wanted to show you all pictures of my birthday dress (and since you asked, Ashley!). The velvet dress (intended for the shop, stolen by me) is a mini. I thought it would look good with a crinoline underneath, so I paired the two and the results are fun and girly. This might be one of my new favorites.

So, here's a bit of my birthday..

At midnight, Neil surprised me with a chocolate and cinnamon bundt cake with an amazing mocha sauce!

During the day, Joel, Neil, Zach and I hit up this great hot dog place. We also went shopping.. who knew so many places gave away nice, free stuff on birthdays? Free is always good with me. I received a cute Sephora lip gloss set as well as a Godiva truffle (which, of course, led to more Godiva chocolate purchases.. their devious sales plan worked). We also spent nearly two hours in a local fabric store, which was a dream. The guys spent their time dancing as I asked foreign questions about sewing tension and bobbins and poly thread.

At night, we headed over to my parent's house for an amazing meal - my dad's homemade pasta and my mom's famous hot fudge sundaes for dessert. And wonderful wonderful red wine. I was surprised with all sorts of good things (like Dan Brown's latest book and BEATLES ROCK BAND!) and good company.

I also bought these shoes at Urban Outfitters! They were on sale - only $20. I really wanted wedges. I still have some Urban money to spend, and I'm leaning towards those cool album cover frames (and God Help The Girl, which has beautiful, subtle album artwork - and we have an old record player that works decently).

In other, more recent news.. I made Ayn the Owl for Rachel's little girl earlier this month, and I finally had the chance to give Ayn to her rightful owner today! Here is Rach meeting Ayn for the first time! I was so pleased that she liked my weird owl friend.

I also wanted to make something small for Rach herself - I'm sure she's sick of seeing diapers and bottles at this point, right? So, I crafted some ivory bows for her - one bow, I attached to a safety pin for clothes wearing, and another, I attached to a hair clip.

I ended up making a bow pin for myself afterward.

A large part of our trip this weekend was to a wedding that Neil and I took part in. We had a memorable time - in all sorts of ways. Earlier this year, I found an 80's black and pink party dress at a vintage store in St Louis. While it wasn't 100% my style, the velvet bodice fit me perfectly, which meant I had to make it my new project. Well, I completed it in time to wear it to the wedding! I'll be posting pictures early this week.

I also have a blogger meet up later this week that I'm really excited about! You will hear more very, VERY soon.

I am exhausted. We got back from Illinois just a couple hours ago and while hotel rooms are fantastic and clean, I'm longing for my own messy bed tonight. Goodnight, all! If any of this writing is a little haphazard or incoherent, I blame the car ride and the crazy weekend.