etsy shop update!

Shop update today! This and more, including the bohemian ivory knit vest I found at the bluegrass festival and my favorite listing of the week - this black military style blazer

I've been thinking a lot about the Helping Hands thrift store at the bluegrass festival, and how happy I became when my mom told Neil about it. I think I'm approaching that addicted stage when it comes to thrifting.. I can honestly say that I get more excited when I see a Goodwill now than when I see an Urban Outfitters.. is that normal? Well, whatever it is, it makes me glad. 

Thrift stores used to overwhelm me. I was so jealous of Rhiannon and Ashley, because they always seemed to know exactly what to look for, and I was completely lost. But now that I've been thrifting on a regular basis, I've started to get the hang of it! It isn't so intimidating anymore!

The one drawback to selling vintage is that in the midst of searching, you kind of forget to keep things for yourself - I always feel guilty if I hold onto an item, even for a week, before sending it to the shop. Do those of you that sell vintage feel this way sometimes, too? I think Rhi has talked about this before. (I'm so glad those leather and suede boots aren't my size, because I'd be wearing them and having a severe guilt trip if they were.)

Because of this strange shame I have when I hold onto items, I'm going to deliberately try to hold onto the white military blazer for awhile, at least a few weeks, before putting it on Etsy. One item in 70 isn't bad, right?

Thanks for the birthday plan suggestions! It turns out our friends Joel and Zach are sticking around until Friday, so they'll be here to celebrate with us! We are for sure going to the hot dog restaurant, and (because I'm admittedly a huge Harry Potter nerd) sneaking Godiva chocolates into the Harry Potter 6 IMAX show late that night! During the day, we're visiting my parents, having an awesome lunch there, and then doing a shopping run around town at fabric stores and UO and other vintage places, too. Yeah, I'll be dragging three boys into a craft store.. behold the power of birthdays.

24 years old. Insane. I need to think about this year before writing about it.. what it means to me to be approaching my mid-twenties. Is this where I imagined I'd be? Big city, starting out my own way on a path that I'm passionate about, being unequivocally poor and still, magically being provided for.. yeah, this is really what I imagined (or at least hoped for). Definitely not the married part, but to be honest, I'm ridiculously thankful for that surprise. If 24 is anything at all like 23, I'm satisfied.