bluegrass festivals and military jackets in autumn

Photos by Neil!

White Military Blazer, Green Plaid Skirt - Thrifted
Navy Tights, Tan Cutout Heels - Urban Outfitters
Gray Tank - Banana Republic
Diana Camera - Yard Sale

Today Neil, Joel, Duckie, Mom and I went to a bluegrass festival in Thompson Station! Lots of overalls, bad jokes, and barbecue. And good music, of course.

The skirt and military blazer I'm wearing are both from the kid's section at thrift stores, so I'm basically half little boy, half little girl in this outfit. The little boy blazer is a new favorite of mine.. both the plaid skirt and the blazer have matching gold buttons, and the blazer has a lovely sailor-themed patch! And I braided the front of my hair in honor of that perfect Erika Hendrix collection I posted about a few days ago. 

I bought the Diana camera for five bucks at a yard sale in Nashville. It has a great look to it, but I'd like to actually use it.. Do you guys know where I can find film for vintage cameras?

Mom was the one that found out about the festival, and I'm glad she did.. the bands were great and it was fun to catch a glimpse into the small community that put the festival on. The people were all really welcoming and friendly, and wow, they can bake! There was an auction for chess pies, carrot cakes, and all sorts of lovely looking bread loaves. In response, I ate a funnel cake.

A huge highlight to the festival was the church sponsored thrift store! This is a place in the middle of nowhere, which means no hipsters have gone through it recently.. and it was wonderful. The shop was filled with old dresses and heels, mostly from the 1960's, as well as an older crowd that may have owned them.

Here are my Helping Hand thrift store finds.. tweed jacket, Pendleton wool jumper, a 70's knit white vest with wooden buttons, alligator pumps.. all of this (AND a pair of fringed shoes that Neil bought) for six dollars! That was all we were charged! How do these wonderful church ladies do it?

My favorite finds are the peter pan collar plaid blouse and the 1970's red, white, and blue pumps. The other two pairs are from the 60's, which makes me love them.. but not as much as the 70's heels.

I'm having a blast with the guys staying over (except for the toilet seat always being up). Joel and Duckie have even gone thrift store shopping with me and feigned interest in what I was buying! We've watched a million Harrison Ford movies, argued about politics and music, went to the best 24 hour restaurant in Nashville, played computer games, started a fire. It all just feels really natural, as though humans were meant to live in larger groups. We split a bottle of wine (red wine beats white wine up) when we got back tonight. And watched Harrison kick some bums, of course.

Does anyone have any good ideas of what to do on a birthday? I turn 24 on Wednesday! The Tennessee State Fair is that day, which sounds fun.. but there's also a hot dog restaurant in town that we haven't been to yet, as well as an old, historical movie theatre that's new to us. And besides that, I have an early present Urban Outfitters gift card to spend. And Arrington Vineyards is having a wine and cigar night. In other words, I need help with this decision.