plaid jumpers, lace bows, and autumn boots.. and my favorite fall/winter collection

Photos by my friend Joel!

Vintage Plaid Jumper - thrifted
Zodiac Boots - thrifted (gift from Rhi)
Vintage Plaid Bow Tie - Venus and Mars

Lately, I've seen a lot of fall/winter collections on blogs and while I find something in every one of them that I love, there hasn't been one that has really hit me (except for maybe the Dear Creatures collection that Rhi featured last month, which was also beautiful). Well, I found one.

While reading NEET Magazine's September issue, I found Erika Hendrix's fall/winter 2009 collection.. and everything about it is absolutely right. The bows, the necklines, the cute structured shorts.. I love this collection.

I love Hendrix's use of pastels in a fall/winter line.. it works perfectly. Gray and sweet pink go so well together. And the model's hair, braided in the front in some photos, messy in others.. The loose turtlenecks and plaid are so beautiful, too. And awesome oxfords with shiny leggings?

My favorites are the plaid circle skirt in the first picture and the bubble shorts in the last.

Zach, Joel, and I went to Salvation Army today and I found some 1970s suede boots, as well as two military style jackets that I can't wait to post about!

We're watching The Big Lebowski, and I'm in love with all of the old man sweaters I'm seeing. Leave it to the Coen brothers to make a stylish movie.