etsy shop update and the giving of a blog award!

SHOP UPDATE! Lots of velvet and lace in this batch, including this ivory sheer lace top, green velvet dress, and 1970's white ruffle lace blouse.

I’m really happy about the 1960's lace wedding dress, above. I found it at the Goodwill Outlet thrown in a bin with a bunch of other clothes. It had stains on the skirt, and I thought if the stains didn’t come out, I could at least use the beautiful lace for some project. I washed it and it came out beautiful – an immaculate, creamy white! So now I get to list it in the lovely condition it was meant to be in.. original and ready for wear for some special occasion.

I recently received another lovely blogging award from gorgeous Valencia of rollupyoursleeve! Thanks a lot, Valencia!

I would like to pass this award along to Kristin of Leproust Vintage, who has lovely style and a lovely shop - and she's a fellow Nashville resident! Who knew I had such cool neighbors?

A couple of our college friends, Joel and Zach, are staying over! They just arrived tonight. We're celebrating by looking up some cool local 24 hour restaurants. French toast and bacon, here I come.