kentucky antique shopping and experiences on a houseboat, all in a wool skirt that beats up my other skirts

Photos by Neil!

1950's Yarn Weave Wool Skirt - antique shop  in southern Illinois
1960's Black Velvet Tank Top - thrifted at the Goodwill Outlet
Black Fringe Heels - Forever21
Cream Tote Bag - Shakespeare & Company in Paris

The skirt I'm wearing in these pictures is one of my all-time favorites. I bought it last spring from Neil's old piano teacher in his home town - she owns an antique store now - and bargained it down to $10, but honestly, it's probably worth so much more. It's a 50's skirt made in Greece with green and orange yarn woven into it and gold thread detailing. It's very stiff, so it gives an amazing shape! It came with a waist belt that you wear above the skirt. I hemmed it by hand (I didn't cut any of the skirt off because there's more yarn weave that I folded up and sewed inside!) and now that it's short, it's one of those pieces that instantly makes me feel good when I put it on.

Yesterday was a Winter get together on their new houseboat! On the way to the lake, Neil and I stopped at Cadiz, Kentucky, which has a reputation for a cute downtown and some awesome antique shopping. 

I found a great clip on bow tie to put in the shop as well as those pretty 50's black bow heels in the picture (also headed to the shop - they're too big for me!). I also found a bag filled with sewing patterns, mostly from the 1960's! And a home improvement magazine from 1969 with gorgeous full color pictures.

Cadiz antique shops were pretty impressive. One in particular, Cherokee Antique Mall, had so many vintage dresses in fantastic condition (including a gold evening dress from the 1940's).. but everything was so overpriced! Well, maybe not overpriced.. maybe these antique shop owners knew exactly what they had and priced it accordingly. That doesn't make for a cheap shopping excursion, though.

Isn't that purple settee (pictured above with some cute guy sitting on it) wonderful? It was priced at $450.. I'm still trying to decide if that was a legit price or not. Man alive, what I would do with a million dollars. It would have nothing to do with expensive cars or name brands and everything to do with antique shops and Etsy.

After shopping, we hit the lake with Neil's parents!

Today, we're headed out for some barbecue at my grandparent's house. It'll be fun to sit around and eat good food and hear my grandpa complain about politics! That's what holidays are all about, right?

What are your plans for the weekend?