my atlanta trip and adventures with ayn the owl - a crafting love story

Welcome September, my second favorite month of the year! Two weeks until my birthday!

I wanted to show you a few Atlanta moments! We had such a great time. The weekend consisted mostly of eating and talking, and you can't go wrong with that combination. Rhi and Drew are so fun and so generous and thoughtful. How did I end up with such a good family?

And I really have never seen a cooler house than Drew's. There is no contest. No woman decorates like Drew decorates. Or man. Gay or straight.

My friend Rachel is having a baby! She found out it's a little girl.. I wanted to make something for her baby shower coming up in a couple of weeks, so I went straight to Etsy for some inspiration.

While I found a plethora of cutesy cupcake felt hair clips and bear ear crochet baby hats, my favorite finds were, by far, the stuffed owls. One of my favorites was a cute little owl done by Plants and Animals (their shop rocks for many other reasons besides stuffed owls, so check it out!). While I knew I couldn't make a perfect little owl like they did, I thought I would use their pictures to make my own version.

So, here is the process..

And here are the results! Ayn the Owl. Made with felt and vintage fabric and coffee (not really the coffee part).

After Ayn was born, she kind of took over the place while Neil was away. Here are the exploits I caught her in.

Here is Ayn surfing the web, looking up pictures of other owls.

Here is Ayn listening to some music.

Here is Ayn having a snack. She loves her bananas and lemons.

Here is Ayn on the toilet.

Here is Ayn reading. I can't pull her away from those Hitler biographies!

What do you think? I'd like to give Rachel something else besides Ayn, maybe a little something for her and the owl can go to the baby. Do you guys have any ideas?