etsy shop update!

New pieces in the shop! Also, mod 1960's autumn heels and an adorable vintage buffalo check dress.

Today, Neil and I are running some fun errands.. GOODWILL, groceries, and then Borders to sit around and drink coffee and read books! I can't wait to check out the new Teen Vogue Handbook, which is stuffed with interesting advice from fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs. Even though I haven't been a teen for five years, I'm still getting a subscription to that magazine. I just skip the prom and the Twilight series articles. And anything to do with High School Musical or Disney, for that matter. Or acne. Or quizzes on how much the boy in 3rd period likes you.

And I'll admit it, I love grocery shopping with Neil. We're splurging on a homemade meal tonight.. Neil is buying bison steaks and blue cheese at Whole Foods, and he's going to make a blueberry balsamic reduction for them! Bison is the best.. more flavor than beef and less fat than chicken. How is that even possible? 

Happy Monday!