vintage red velvet at centennial park

Photos by Neil!

Racing Green Wool Skirt - Vintage (gift from Ash!)
Cream Ruffle Tie Blouse - Target
Cut Out Oxford Heels - Urban Outfitters
Cream Polka Dot Knee High Stockings - American Apparel
Brown Skinny Belt - Forever21
Red Velvet Ribbon - Vintage (yard sale)

This past Monday, Neil and I took a trip to Centennial Park, namely to see the sun set on Nashville's Parthenon - and to take these blog pictures there. Ever since I posted my cold weather wish list last week, I've wanted to try out a frizzy, romantic hairstyle, so I crimped my hair a bit, pinned my bangs back, and tied a red velvet ribbon in my hair. I'm going to vary it up a bit next time.. I want to make hair bow clips out of that lovely velvet ribbon and braid my hair on the side, and I also want to try a loose up-do with frizzy, silent film hair - a bit like this pretty Victorian hairstyle.

The wool tulip skirt was a happy accident.. my sister Ash had found the skirt in a thrift store and when she washed it, it shrunk. So, she gave it to me! I hemmed it a bit shorter and now it might be my favorite new item in my closet.

After Centennial Park, we crossed the road and had a Borders date!

Monday was also the day that Neil heard some good news.. he interviewed for a seafood position at Whole Foods last week, and he got it! This has been a dream of his for awhile now.. I swear he's applied to fifteen different positions at Whole Foods in the past few months. What he really wants is to become a Whole Foods regional buyer or specialist, so he can be in charge of choosing which wine or cheese or produce the store sells. Now that he's working there, he's one step closer to his goal!

And that's good news for me, too. We now get 20% off everything at Whole Foods. All of that fantastic cheese just became a little bit more accessible.

It's fulfilling to know that both of us are on a path towards doing what we absolutely love.. and in the meantime, feeling content with where we are. So while we were at Borders, Neil looking through cookbooks and me looking through fashion magazines and Joseph Campbell books, things felt right. That sort of feeling you get when you're surrounded by things that you identify with, that are a part of you. Coffee, folklore, fashion, Neil. To be yourself and to be complete - nothing beats that.

And speaking of fashion magazines.. I bought (a Norse mythology collection and) Lula! It's inspirational and full of redheads. I've started making some hair pieces that have been inspired by the magazine, all of its lace and goodness and old world glamour. Posting on them soon!