putting together some pretty things in the name of lula

My latest crafting project! I, like most bloggers lately, have really fallen in love with the new Lula issue. I wanted to interpret the styles through some form of creation, so I decided to do my favorite thing - make hair pieces.

I made three hair pieces that were inspired by beautiful Lula photos (I'm actually working on another, but it's not so ready yet. Darth Vader is modeling it for now). Here is what I ended up with, from some of my favorite articles and shoots of Lula's latest issue..

Red feathers and vintage velvet bow. I sewed it onto a metallic hair clip in the back.

Soft pink bow headband with vintage lace.

Gold headband with royal blue rosettes. I made the little blue flowers by cutting thin scraps of fabric (from a nightgown I hemmed), rolling them into roses, and gluing them.

What do you guys think?