what I found at the flea market

This past weekend's Tennessee flea market was one of my absolute favorites. It was filled with interesting booths and even more interesting people (I had a long talk with a musician who played with Lawrence Welk and Jackie Gleason, met Ella Fitzgerald, and dated Dinah Shore.. and is now selling a book about it). The whole place was filled with stories.

(I'm drinking a homemade eggnog latte right now. That's got to be breaking some pre-Halloween rules. I had to say that.)

Here are my flea market finds from this weekend!

Vintage tree ornaments in pretty shades.

Wonderful old sheet music (I'm an Edith Piaf champ now), a cute child's bow tie, and the BEST deadstock 80's heels (courtesy of Aria's booth).. they were exactly what I was looking for in a heel, they fit me perfectly, and I'm loving them already.

Two vintage dresses - both not my size, sadly, which means they're hitting the shop on Monday. The 50's cocktail dress has glorious velvet trim, and the gingham jumper dress is deadstock.

Tons and tons of lace. And vintage velvet ribbon! I know my next crafting project.. I'm going to use that baby blue lace trim in the back of the photo, find a black velvet dress at the thrift store, throw some elastic in, and make a tiered lace trimmed skirt with it.

Here is my new fur cape I mentioned in my last post! My mother in law Nancy bought it for me, and I'm so thankful.. it's exactly what I wanted. I think it's from the 30's or 40's. A rough old woman with the greatest Eastern European accent sold it to us, saying that she found it at an Indiana estate sale. The woman who had owned it also had a seal fur that was custom made for her, and this was another custom fur (although I'm an idiot when it comes to furs and I have absolutely no idea what animal it came from). I feel like Lauren Bacall when I wear it.

I also found a fantastic Brownie Starflex camera with a flash and film still inside! It's sitting above our White Stripes poster on the wall.. which puts our vintage camera collection number at three.

Time to get into the Halloween mood and watch some cheesy vampire movies!