friends, banjos, and peach colored dresses with boots and black bow ties. happy halloween, all!

Photos by Neil!

Peach Lace Dress - thrifted
Black Bow Tie, Zodiac Boots - thrifted (gifts from Rhi!)
Black Crinoline - Western theme store in Nashville
Brown Skinny Belt - Forever21

Yay for Goodwill dresses and pastels in October!

Just a couple nights ago, Neil and his band had a show at Cafe Coco, this hippie trendy spot in downtown Nashville. We drank awesome coffee, listened to awesome music, and hung out with awesome people.

Look at all of these cute kids.

It's my favorite holiday today (well, second to Christmas.. it's hard to beat Christmas)! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!

Neil and I have big plans tonight to go out to eat with a group of friends and then head over to the Ryman for an AVETT BROTHERS SHOW.. Last New Year's, we were in North Carolina  to celebrate at their concert, and it was crazy. I'm hoping for the same amount of craziness (plus a multitude of cool, hopefully creative costumes) tonight.

I'm off to curl my Daisy Buchanan wig and dress up 1920's style.