my first wedding anniversary and an etsy mega sale!

It's November.. which means the holidays are fast approaching! I'm planning some great holiday additions to the shop in the next few weeks (including the lovely 50's cocktail dress and gingham deadstock dress I posted about earlier). So in order to make room, I took a shop update break and I've marked down a lot of my shop items - including everything above, as well as this pretty 1960's swiss dot dress and the greatest blue gingham picnic skirt. Everything is $30 or under!

Not only that.. but everything in the sale section gets an additional 20% OFF this week only! Head over to the shop and take advantage of this deal soon!

Halloween was a lot of crazy fun, and I can't wait to post about it when I get pictures from my sister. The Avetts dressed up as the Three Amigos, and I got to meet their adorable opener, Nicole Atkins, after the show! Have any of you heard her sing? Because she is ridiculously fantastic.

Besides the craziness of Halloween, something else happened this weekend for Neil and I.. yesterday was our first wedding anniversary! It's been a year? It can't be true - partly because I'm so used to sleeping next to him and eating dinner with him and sharing a house with him by now that it can't be just a year, and partly because it's all flown by and it seems so short that it can't be a full year.

I'm a big marriage fan. I've never been more myself or more FREE, or more ambitious. Or more happy.

I thought I'd post a few wedding pictures from last year to celebrate with you guys! Yay for love, for celebration, and for great cake.