december crafting - holiday skirts and little pet presents

Today was a craft day!

This is a skirt I've had on my mind lately. I found a black velvet skirt at the thrift store, hemmed it shorter, and then used the extra fabric to create a ruffle effect. Then, I sewed the baby blue lace to the ruffles. Ridiculously easy and ridiculously time consuming. I'm not quite done - I have to sew the ruffles completely on and pleat them in an orderly fashion. But after seeing the nearly finished product, I really love the look of a pastel blue with black - velvet especially.. it feels like a good wintery combination. I have a Victorian-looking lace blouse that I'm about to dye black. When I do, I'm definitely wearing it with this skirt.

Hey velvet and lace trend, I love you.

This plaid petticoat skirt was reconstructed from a little girl's dress. To be honest, I'm not sure how much I like it - I just don't know what to pair it with. I'm considering taking off the plaid, adding extra lace, and creating a white crinoline with elastic at the top.

Bloom got some craft attention as well! I completed this plaid bow tie within an hour. I'm going to sneak it on her when she's docile and take picture after picture.. before she realizes what she's wearing and tears it to shreds.

Meet Bacon, Bloom's stuffed friend. I made this guy right before Thanksgiving. He looks somewhat prematurely aged now - he's missing a nose and he's accumulated a few open wounds. Needless to say, she loves him.

I've got a million Christmas projects ahead of me. Neil and I have decided to make several gifts this year.. it'll be a bit of a handmade holiday, which is the best kind. Shopping for supplies tomorrow!