sevier park in the early morning

Photos by Neil..

Black Ruffle Dress - Thrifted
Polka Dot Tights, Lace Up Heels - H&M
Cream Hair Bow - Handmade

I finally got in some pictures of the floral dress I thrifted after Thanksgiving.. We took these in the early morning at Sevier Park on a day that turned out a little cloudy and absolutely freezing - the kind of freezing where the blades of grass turn into little icicles. I'm not at all a morning person so whenever I'm up early, it's kind of a new experience for me. I love being up before everything gets hectic.

The dress is fantastic. Two ruffles at the bottom, bows on the puffy sleeves, and a tie at the waist. The neckline has a bit of a scalloped look to it, and the buttons are ivory with rose cameos on the front.

The great news about this dress is it will be up in the shop on Monday!

I really have to do something productive now, like clean the bathroom or write a book or something. All I've done today is play computer games and eat McDonald's. Hope you all are having a lazy weekend, too!