etsy shop update! military blazers and dresses with poinsettias.

Shop update! Including a 70's sailor dress with red tie, a plaid school girl jumper, and the ruffle dress I posted about this weekend.. thanks for all of the comments about the dress fitting me well! I do feel really comfortable in it and it is ridiculously fantastic, but I almost feel guilty holding onto items these days - and especially around the holidays. I've talked to you guys about it before and since then, I've tried (mostly in vain) to keep items for awhile, but only a handful of pieces stay in my closet. I think as I evolve and my style evolves, I'll have greater discernment when it comes to buying what suits me for a long while and what suits me for a short season (I'm already regretting selling the emerald trim marching band dress.. that thing rocked).

Also, don't forget about my Twelve Days of Christmas sale - it ends on Friday! And if you're near a bookstore, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Lucky Magazine.. Rhi's shop is in there!

I've been thinking of upgrading to a better camera, but I'm not 100% positive it should be an SLR - maybe just a really nice point and shoot. What do you photographers suggest?