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Photos by Zach!

Vintage Yellowed Lace Blouse - Neil's grandmother's
Dyed Black Linen Striped Shorts - Forever21
Lace Up Heels, Wooden Heart Necklace - H&M
Rose Cameo Necklace - gift from a friend

(The Twelve Days of Christmas sale ends tomorrow, you guys!)

I feel like writing like Hemingway today, although I won't beyond this paragraph. Cold outside. Meals are best eaten after midnight. The food just tastes better. Write a short story alluding to an abortion. Write about F Scott's issues with his wife. Paris has good food and goats. Add water to your wine when you are young and poor. Young and poor, young and poor, expatriate. The lost generation. Lesbian authors and Joyce.

I've recently been into the idea of black shorts to wear for the winter, so I finally just dyed a pair I already owned (I like to see this move as crafty, not cheap, although it's probably both). They have a faint pin stripe to them now, which I absolutely love. Shorts are as close as I come to pants. I am not a pants person. Nothing beats tights.

The blouse I'm wearing with the shorts is pretty special. Last Thanksgiving, I had a chance to check out the place where Neil's parents lived when they were first married with my mother in law, Nancy. Now, it's mostly just used for storage - which means it's filled with great items from Neil's parent's and grandparent's past. Some beautiful clothes were tucked away in there - including the lace blouse I'm wearing in these pictures, which belonged to Neil's grandmother before she let me have it. I had every intention of dyeing it when I received it due to a rust stain at the shoulder, but now I've become attached to the yellowed ivory shade it's already in, stain or no stain. I loved sorting through all of the old cameras and bookends and fur coats with Nancy - it really seemed as though every item told a story.

Sevier Park again! It's my new favorite picture taking place, probably because it's only a mile from where we live. I want to use the barn for photos again soon due to the old, weathered boards. I love the backdrop they create.

I've taken pictures with this rose cameo before (which is one of my favorite necklaces), and I decided to tie some cream lace to the wooden heart pendant necklace I'm wearing.

Rhi just wrote a great post about beautiful Christmas-y blue dresses, so now I'm inspired to seek out a festive dress for the occasion.. oh you guys, Christmas is so close! Are you all finished with your shopping? I ordered some things from Amazon literally two days ago and received them today. Ahh, the magic of online shopping.