when block printing meets gift wrapping.. dinosaurs happen.

Oh, the house is quiet. Bloom is asleep on the couch and the guys are at work (our friend Zach has been living with us for the past month - we're trying to find him a place he can afford in Nashville. I have told you guys.. right?). I would play Christmas music or watch El Mariachi, but I don't want to break this magic calm.

Things have been a bit ridiculous here lately. With the holidays come the busy-ness and a bit of stress, and we have not been immune. There have been changes with Neil's job at Whole Foods, family visits, family anxieties, and a major apartment search for our roommate. Not to mention, the process of acclimating to a puppy who has learned the art of jumping from the toilet, to the top of the toilet, to the sink (we keep her in the bathroom while we're gone and have recently found her sitting on the sink when we come home), as well as mastered couch jumping and bathtub jumping. Nothing serious, and most of it fun - but that doesn't make life any less interesting or FULL.

Oh, and as you may have already noticed - no shop update this week. I'm taking a break, although there will be a larger than usual update on December 28th!

Neil's band (Karma Kite!) had a show last night at Mercy Lounge with some other bands, and it was pretty fantastic. After the show, we came back to watch movies and I worked on block printing.. you know, that bow project I started about a month ago? Well, I finished the block last night!

I really wanted to personalize plain wrapping paper, and this is what I came up with.

When the block has been pressed against the paper, you have to push it down with something heavy to make sure it comes out even. A book works wonders, and the block generally responds better when the book is a classic and filled with the virtues of capitalism.

Finished product(s)!

Next time, I'm going to buy ink intended for clothing and put bow ties on shirts with my block. If you guys have other ideas, let me know!

I also finished a felt, two-legged dinosaur named Ludwig yesterday.

Ludwig will be under the care of my nephew Jack come Christmas. I'm in the middle of working on a baby for my niece Stella, as well as a couple secretive projects that are intended for those who have internet and the ability to read - therefore, they will not be featured on the blog until after they are given, just in case. I really hope they turn out!

On another note - my search for the perfect Christmas dress continues. I may admit defeat and just wear the pretty red velvet one I had on for Thanksgiving. I'd say that's a good enough outfit for Christmas caroling and tiramisu eating and It's a Wonderful Life watching.

Now for some more shopping tonight. Man alive, the malls have been insane and the post office even more so. And tomorrow, we're headed to my mom and dad's! I really can't wait for Christmas this year. It will be one of the best.