merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.

My beautiful sisters.. Photos by Drew!

Mulberry Velvet Bow Coat - vintage, gift from Rhi!
Black Hair Bow - Forever21
Heart Tights - Urban Outfitters
Lace Up Heels - H&M

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all had a wonderful celebration today.. Our house was filled with wrapping paper pieces and extravagant food and overexcited puppies and craziness. In other words, it may have been my best Christmas yet.

I'm convinced that the older I get, the more I enjoy Christmas. Does that make sense.. shouldn't you enjoy Christmas more as a kid? It could be that I appreciate being with my family more now that I'm married and can't be with them every year for the holidays. It could be that with or without split holidays, my parents rock and it takes growing up to realize just how much. It could be that I have lovely sisters who have chosen the greatest men who bring their own unique sense of self and fun to Christmas. It could be that perhaps eggnog tastes better the older you become, and a Beef Wellington holiday feast can't be truly understood by a 10 year old whose favorite meal is a hot dog and fries (I won't lie, I still love hot dogs and fries). It could be that I'm now married to the absolute best person in the world who happens to add significance to every event, no matter how small.

I'd continue on with the sappiness, but I'm really beat. Goodnight all and God bless, hope your festivities were wonderful and filled with meaning.