girl wears pants outfit no. 1.. wool trousers on a cloudy day.


Photos by Neil!

Black Velvet Bodysuit, Gold Heart Locket - Forever21
Gray Wool Trousers - Thrifted
Black Lace Up Heels - H&M

A fairly simple outfit and my first pants wearing exercise of the week!


I found these lovely high waisted wool pants at Goodwill last weekend, and they fit me really well (although they'll fit even better once I buy this awesome macrame belt at Urban Outfitters tomorrow!).

The gold locket came from a necklace I bought at Forever21. It came with a bunch of chains on it, but I wanted it simple, so I cut the rest off.

What are your mid-week plans? For me, today has been a documentary watching day. I watched a film on swords, and now I'm about to get into a film called the Rape of Europa - it's about the Nazis plundering Europe's greatest art treasures during World War II. And it looks wonderful.