girl wears pants outfit no. 2.. pleated pants and strong shoulders.

girl wears pants outfit no. 2

Strong Shoulder Striped Top, Brown Skinny Belt - Forever21
Gray High Waisted Pleated Pants - Thrifted
Brown Suede Wedges - Urban Outfitters
Ivory Polka Dot Knee Highs - American Apparel

Outfit number two! The copper bow I'm wearing in my hair is from the adorable supply shop Fancy Feast. The striped top really makes me think of an outfit with a nautical theme. I bought gold buttons to use on a navy skirt or shorts (can't decide which yet) and once I finish that up, I might pair them together.

Sunday will be the last of the pants series.. I've had a fun time with the change of pace, and I might continue it for awhile, to be honest. It's a good feeling to try something new and receive such positive encouragement, so thanks a lot for your lovely comments last post!

We've had friends over the past night and today. Coffee and shopping and talking til 2am.. I'm pretty sure God intended life to be filled with 2am conversations. Now, we're watching Fight Club, which has basically distracted me for the past two hours from writing anything intelligent. Eventually I will write something with substance - I promise.

I really love Helena Bonham Carter. I haven't made up my mind on how I feel about Chuck Palahniuk, but Fight Club makes me happy inside. And Meat Loaf.

Which Meat Loaf role is better - Bob from Fight Club or Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

girl wears pants outfit no. 2
girl wears pants outfit no. 2
girl wears pants outfit no. 2