girl wears pants outfit no. 3.. dance hall shorts and zodiac boots.

dance hall dance hall, everyday
dance hall dance hall, everyday

Photos by Mom!

Vintage White Lace Square Dancing Top - Local Honey
Black High Waist Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Vintage Lace Up Zodiac Boots - Tennessee Antique Mall

Now, I don't know if this is considered cheating.. shorts aren't pants. But I figured if I could sit Indian style in them, I could post about them.

dance hall dance hall, everyday
dance hall dance hall, everyday
my new old zodiac boots

Last of the week! Everything I'm wearing is a recent purchase, including the new black tights (run-free.. for now), which were a Christmas gift. I found the lovely lace square dancing top at Local Honey and the great Zodiac boots at an antique mall on Wedgewood. Neil and I hit up Urban Outfitters on Friday and while I didn't find the macrame belt I was wanting, I did find these Kimchi Blue high waisted shorts. What I love about them is the volume.. they are made from a lightweight fabric that flares out when worn. It makes my hips feel twice as big and my waist twice as small.

I've got to say thank you to you guys for reading and for commenting.. your comments have been very encouraging, and they've made me decide to seek out (pleated!) pants on a more regular basis now.. instead of skipping the pants section altogether (your comments have also made me think a bit more about Chuck Palahniuk.. for those of you who like him, which is your favorite of his?).

This weekend has been a blur of good company and good times. While it all rocked, I'm very thankful for some down time this week. Nothing sounds better to me than going to the library with Neil and picking up a Kurt Vonnegut book my friend suggested. Or heading to Borders and drinking coffee and reading. Or watching a Fellini movie. I always thought I was a person who enjoyed craziness and crowds, but honestly, my favorite city moments are when everything has died down and the streets are bare. We're getting some warm weather this week.. maybe I can talk Neil Winter into walking around the city with me.

I received a white rabbit fur coat from my wonderful friend Lauren yesterday and Bloom is taking a nap on it right now. There is something odd about that.

REALLY excited about my shop update tomorrow.. after a couple fruitless visits to thrift stores and expensive antique malls, I finally found some unique items while shopping with my mom today! There is a military style dress with double breasted gold buttons and white cuffs and collar that I fell in love with (does it belong in the shop or in my closet?), and a 70's knit cape/poncho that is ridiculously red and cool. And wool trousers. And a 40's swing coat with a fur collar.

In other words, tomorrow's listing process will be a fun sort of busy-ness. But then, lots and lots of laziness and reading and down time.

dance hall dance hall, everyday