shop update! fur coats and italian oxfords.

vintage black rabbit fur coat

1960s italian oxford heels

vintage giorgio sant'angelo wool trousers

vintage hearts and bows crop cardigan

As you may have guessed, I've decided to hold onto the military dress I found.. at least long enough to post about it. It was hard enough letting go of the hearts and bows cardigan above, which is by far my favorite listed item this week (the second being either the rabbit fur or the red fringe cape). When I saw it in the thrift store, I immediately thought of Anthropologie sweaters I fell in love with this winter.. the kelly green and navy hues go so perfectly together, and it's whimsical and sweet - just like Anthropologie itself.

I'm shipping out my first Etsy trade tomorrow! Meaghan and I are doing a trade - I'm sending her a couple of items for her beautiful Christmas in Killarney coat. It's got velvet bows and green puffy sleeves and I can't wait to put it on! What a blessing it is to have great blogging friends.