the blues are still blue. chambray bows and sailor shorts

the blues are still blue
the blues are still blue
the blues are still blue

Photos by Neil!

Men's Chambray Button Up - Urban Outfitters (..and stolen from Neil)
High Waist Navy Sailor Shorts - Forever21
Chambray Polka Dot Bow Band - Forever21
1940's Fringe Tan Heels - gift from Rhi

Have you been hearing a lot of talk about the color blue lately? Well, so have I. Here's my take.

the blues are still blue
the blues are still blue

I've been lusting after these shorts ever since I went to Forever21 and reserved a pair when they sold out about a month ago. The double breasted buttons and cuffed legs are absolutely lovely.. but I also fell in love with this great chambray bow headband when we were in the store today. White polka dots! And when you can purchase a headband at Forever21 for less than four dollars, there isn't much incentive to spend time making one with supplies that cost about the same.

That doesn't mean that my plans to make a black lace bow hair comb tomorrow are canceled. I've been dreaming up the perfect Valentine's Day dress, and if I don't find it during my friend Lauren and my weekly shopping trip on Saturday, I'm going to reconstruct it from something I have - an old slip or the like. And while I dream of it, I can make hair accessories that will match my perfect dress.

And while this Urban Outfitters dress isn't in line for what I'm imagining for Valentine's Day wear, it is something I want desperately. And this UO jumper. And this lovely button up skirt Anja is selling. Oh chambray. I might just have to post about you.

Hey, and a random thought for you all. What is your take on fashion design school? Have any of you attended? I'm wondering what programs are worth it and if the whole experience itself is worth it, or if teaching yourself has more reward. What do you think?

(AGH! I completely forgot to announce a Dailee Dose giveaway winner today! Because I wanted to give you all enough warning to get your entry in, I will extend the giveaway until Friday afternoon! So for all that haven't entered, here is the original post..)