rainy day reds and pinks.. and a giveaway winner!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Now for the Dailee Dose giveaway winner announcement!

The winner is... Kathy! Congratulations! The floral cameos are now yours and will be headed your way soon.

Today was a rainy day, which means I had a lazy afternoon doing very little. Here is what I did.

I packaged up Etsy items for some of my international friends.


I grew a Valentine's Day tree.


I stamped things.


I ordered Neil's Valentine's Day gift. No pictures, I can't give anything away! More on that later.

And.. I started a project. By "started", I mean thought about.


(The magazine is Ready Made, and the project is a great and easy way to remake a vintage dress. Can't wait to cut up this pink polka dot one, which I'm going to start as soon as I finish this post.)

Besides that, today I drank coffee, ate cookies, and watched cheesy Sherlock Holmes movies. Tomorrow will be productive, I swear.

What are your weekend plans?