etsy shop updates.. back to mondays! springtime lace, pink roses, and soft pastels

vintage L'AIGLON 50's day dress

vintage cotton LACE crop top

vintage ruffle sleeve FLORAL top

vintage soft PASTEL PLAID dress

vintage RIC RAC mini dress

Etsy shop update! All for the springtime.

I've decided to go back to my old ways of updating the shop on Mondays.. it's much simpler this way, there's no chance of procrastinating or forgetting to list an item, and it allows me to dedicate one post to every week's update. Not that I won't go back to listing daily.. eventually, I will.

So.. here's this week!

Now, here is the seafoam green I was talking about last week.. the Ric Rac dress, above, as well as a 70's shirt dress in seafoam green. And don't forget about these double breasted, high waisted navy trousers. No green to them, but still super cool.

I'll also be adding new items to the SALE section and maybe doing some additional markdowns, as well.. so keep an eye on it over the next couple of days.

Happy beginning of the week!