nashville spring date in gingham and thigh highs


Photos by Neil!

Blue and White Gingham Skirt, Gray Men's Sweater - H&M
Chambray Blue T Straps, White Tank - Urban Outfitters
White Thigh High Socks, Gold Heart Locket - Forever21
Vintage Men Glasses - Tennessee Flea Market

Spring is in the air! How do we know this? Why, because of the random yellow daffodils that keep popping up in strange places in our backyard.


Last weekend, Neil and I had a chance to explore Hillsboro Village for a spring date day!

We went to Pancake Pantry in the late morning (sweet potato pancakes and cinnamon cream syrup!), did some shopping at a local vintage store, stationery place (I've been thinking of buying wallpaper for my shop backdrop - what do you think?), and a hole-in-the-wall bookshop, and had a honey mocha at Fido - followed by some more shopping around the area.. including at a place that sells ingredients for brewing beer at home (guess what Neil did that night?).

We also took advantage of the beautiful weather and took little Bloom on a walk. If only it could be that beautiful every day.


Everything was super good and super lazy. I love exploring little bookshop alcoves, thinking I'll find some great, untouched, undiscovered book. I didn't find much that day, but browsing was fun.. I found about five copies of Joseph Campbell's the Power of Myth. Too bad I already own it.

I did find a pretty pink liberty print dress with a low v neck at the vintage store. Once I tried it on, it wasn't the greatest on me - which means I'm hemming it a bit and listing it next week. Neil found hops, brewer's yeast, and German chocolate wheat for his beer making adventures. He brewed it all in a coffee pot, and now a couple of bottles are fermenting in our coat closet in the hallway. We can drink it this weekend!

I had a wonderful experience earlier this week that I can't wait to blog about. Info coming soon!