etsy shop update.. white lace love.

vintage eyelet trim dress
handmade cream lace bowvintage lace bow onesie
vintage lace bloomers

Etsy update! The 1970's eyelet dress and romantic lace onesie are both up in the shop today! The bloomers and handmade ribbon and lace bow will be added later in the week, as well as a few more feminine things.

For the sake of natural light, I'm trying out a new shop backdrop this week.. a pretty brick spot on our porch. I wanted to test it out and get your opinions on the look. Do you think I should start shooting all my shop photos this way, or return to the old backdrop? Which showcases the pieces better?

Hope you all had a fun and uneventful Memorial Day weekend! We did the ceremonial grilling out tonight and finished with raspberry clafouti. Happy June, all.