denim blue

denim blue
denim blue

Vintage Polka Dot Dress - Etsy
Blue Ankle Socks - From my childhood
Strappy Wood Sandals - Madewell
Denim Bow - H&M

I had fun with blue dye yesterday.

denim blue
denim blue

I received the polka dot dress in an Etsy order this spring. It was an extra little surprise from a lovely seller who had intended to sell it but accidentally exploded pen ink all over it before she had a chance to list it. So, she sent it my way! Instead of trying to get the blue ink out (which the seller had already tried with no luck), I chose to match the ink to the dress. If you can't beat them, join them.

This is what the dress originally looked like.


I also dyed a cream colored blouse that once belonged to Neil's grandmother, and I love the transformation. It makes me want to dye everything I own now. Just for a change.


It's Neil Winter's birthday tomorrow! We're going to celebrate tomorrow night and into the next day with picnics and evenings out and record stores and vintage shops and other surprises, and I will take a million pictures. I'm making a romper in the morning for the occasion.

Neil's birthday celebration will also mark the end of clothes spending and the beginning of my sewing summer. Remember my new summer resolution? Until my birthday in September, I can't buy any clothes (unless it's a thrift store piece that I'm reworking). I have to create any new additions to my wardrobe by sewing them from scratch. I'm excited and a little scared, especially since I'll be traveling and inevitably crossing some cool stores, but it'll be good for my creativity, my sewing skills, and my checkbook. There is a tiny exception to the rule due to a fun new job I just began.. more on that later!

And last but not least.. vintage lace bloomers and a handmade cream lace and ribbon bow are up in the shop now!