flea market finds.. high waist velvet trousers and lace maxi dresses

to the flea market
to the flea marketto the flea market

Polka Dot Floral Turtleneck - Urban Outfitters (from forever ago)
Long Chiffon Skirt - American Apparel
Vintage Leather Belt, Leather Satchel - Thrifted
Reddish Brown Leather Loafers - Ashley's Etsy shop

Recently, I hit up the flea market with my in laws - and it was a success. Rarely do I find a super amount of affordable clothing.. while I might find a dress or two, I don't usually leave the flea market with bags and bags of things. This time was different.

While shopping, I ran into lovely Carmen and another well-dressed girl (that was kind enough to let me take her photo - don't you love her felted wool hat?), so I wanted to share their pretty autumnal outfits! Did I mention it was perfect out? If only I could say the same for today.. it's freezing. Our heat hasn't kicked on in our house yet, and I'm currently layered up with multiple sweatshirts and pairs of socks.

to the flea market
to the flea market

Below are my finds! (I also bought the purple sweater with the lace peter pan collar, above, and a safari style cream silk shirt from the 1990s.)


The cotton red cape is from the 1920s, and I've never owned anything like it. The red velvet circle skirt, tapestry dress, and lace blouse have been put in the
shop, and a couple more pieces will be in my holiday lookbook later this month. Still deliberating on what to keep and what to let go.

And out of all of my clothing finds, my favorites are the emerald velvet trousers and the black lace maxi dress (!!!), although the sheer chiffon skirt is pretty lovely.

Happy weekend! I'm headed to the Art Crawl with some coworkers tomorrow night.. any weekend plans for you all?