sewing saturday.. using fusible interfacing. and a farewell!

bon voyage

This is farewell for now! Neil and I are traveling to Charleston early in the morning to celebrate our anniversary and then sail to the Bahamas with my family! My parents, sisters, their families, and the two of us are all taking the trip together, and I couldn't be more excited. I plan on hanging out in Hemingway's old Key West home, wearing my 1920s cape as we walk around downtown Charleston, and looking up all sorts of dorky pirate history in Nassau. The sad part of all of this is since internet is so expensive on the ship, I'm leaving my laptop at home - so no blogging for me. I'll definitely miss you all!

I know I promised a completed wool cape for this weekend, but I've got to renege all last minute.. I've decided that it'd be best to post the cape in steps, since there are so many parts that I've never worked with before - the interfacing, the lining, the collar. So today, I thought I'd share how to use fusible interfacing.


The cape I'm sewing calls for interfacing at the neck tab and collar underside. Fusible interfacing has two different sides, a smooth side and a rougher, grainy side.. the rough side is the side with glue, which means that should be facing the wrong side of the fabric when fused.


The first step is to trim the interfacing down to the seam allowances. The pattern I'm using calls for 5/8 seam allowance but due to potential shrinkage when steaming, I trimmed just 3/8 inch from the interfacing. Once it's trimmed, pin the interfacing to the underside of the collar, then use the iron to lightly press the edges. When pressing, be sure to set the iron down and lift it directly up - no sliding. Once the edges have been pressed, remove the pins.


Then, I grabbed a press cloth and dampened it. Since a press cloth is just a lightweight 100% cotton cloth, I used a cotton pillowcase we had lying around. Place the press cloth on top of the collar and put the iron firmly onto the collar, leaving it on for 15 second intervals (or until the press cloth has dried), then lifting it and repeating until the entire collar has been pressed.


And that's it! Not very complicated, but it still took me reading through two sets of instructions and then Googling it before I found out how to properly use interfacing.

Well, I'm off for a four hour sleep and a vacation. I'll see you guys in a week!