festive holiday dresses

round two

Christmas might be closer, but that's not stopping me from thinking about what I'm wearing for New Years. These dresses caught my eye when working at Closet Case the other day.. black lace, studded suede, creamy brocade, and plenty of sequins. The coppery brown dress with stripes of sequins seems straight out of Topshop, but the fact that it's vintage makes it even cooler.

All dresses courtesy of Closet Case Vintage.

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And I know I talked up sequins and velvet recently, but my favorite dress from this bunch has got to be the long 1930s (or 40s? can't remember) amaranth pink dress with lace bodice. How fun would it be to pair it with some black suede platform heels and tights?

And to make things even better.. Closet Case is throwing a special Christmas party tomorrow, along with Katy K's! More information here. Wonderful discounts and super good food. Check it out if you can, and if you're not around, shop online and get a discount anyway.

And one more reason to celebrate this season.. my beautiful sister is engaged!