snow day. forest green wool and velvet


Forest Velvet and Wool Coat - Vintage Etsy trade with Meaghan
Cream Peter Pan Blouse, Super Opaque Tights, Black Bow - American Apparel
Velvet High Waist Shorts - Madewell
Platform Lace Up Boots, Two Tone Satchel - Thrifted

Yesterday, the sky was filled to the brim with snow.. the only way you could really tell the difference between it and the ground were the tree lines and weeds that popped up here and there.



Neil and I braved the cold long enough to take these photos, and also to play with our little scruffy terrier (who would stick her snout in the snow and reappear with a frosty face). I love this tiny green wool and velvet swing coat - its velvet peter pan collar and bows at the puffy sleeves, its short length and subtle pleating. I traded with Meaghan last winter, swapping a few of my shop items for the jacket, and sadly I haven't had too many opportunities to wear it. I thought it'd look great with a creamy blouse and velvet shorts, so I wore it out while Neil and I went Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.

The platform shoes and satchel are a couple of my favorite thrifted finds recently, and both were under 3 dollars! The lace ups are awesome in a really ugly, 90s grunge sort of way, and the purse is the perfect shape and size for me. Not to mention, navy and dark, coppery brown look wonderful together.