sewing saturday! wool cape shell and under collar


Sewing Saturday! More progress on the camel wool cape this weekend - namely, on the outer shell.


Same steps repeated, mostly - mark, sew, press. To begin, I marked the sides of the back pieces of the cape at the 5/8 inch seam allowance and sewed them together, making a center seam through the back of the cape. I then pressed the seam open.


Then, I prepared to attach the two front pieces to the back. I marked the seam allowances on the matching edges and sewed them together, forming the outer shell of the cape. I pressed the seams open inside.


Once the shell was complete, I sewed the under collar to the top of the cape, right sides together, at the seam allowances. The under collar already had fusible interfacing attached from when I attached it earlier on.

That's it for this week.. and here are the completed results!


It's beginning to come together! Next week, I'll work on the lining, collar, and tab with buttonhole and button.

We had a great snow in Tennessee today, which interfered with our Christmas shopping plans and made us take the day off to play outside with little Bloom. Over the past week, we've been at my parent's house staying warm while our house was fitted with a new furnace, and Tuesday, we head back! Due to not being home, my shop update won't happen until Tuesday.. and due to the torrential southern snow outside, I've got pictures to share with you all.

Happy Sunday!