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Few blogs are as elegantly playful and unequivocally their own as Hannah and Landon. I don't remember where I first caught sight of it but from that day on, it has been a favorite of mine. Gorgeous Hannah Metz has a joyful sense of fashion that completely transcends trends or eras, and it's in that decadent space between the present and some romantic time from the past that she seems to exist - living in the prettiest NYC apartment with white walls and gilded golden frames wearing blue velvet dresses and oversized bows. Oh yeah, all the while designing lovely lingerie, penning pictures, and scouring flea markets for her classy vintage shop (this cranberry velvet dress is going to be mine, I swear).

Recently, Hannah took the time to answer some questions for me!

Hello, Hannah! Tell us about your lovely self and style.

Hi Lauren! My name is Hannah Kristina Metz. I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and presently reside in Brooklyn with my best friend and husband of four years, Landon Metz. My style is a mix of (often stained and ripped) vintage odds and ends that I've been collecting since I was twelve.

What does a typical day in the life of Hannah Metz look like?

I don't know that I really have a typical day, each day I'm working on something different! The last three days have been spent entertaining and being entertained by my new kittens! My current projects include the launching of a lingerie line, wholesaling vintage attire and collecting little bits for my Etsy shop!

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Do you have any favorite fashion magazines, artists, or films?

I like a great deal of contemporary artists (many of them you can find on another project of mine and Landon's, The Company of People), along with some old guys like Waterhouse, Schiele, Leighton, Gluckmann and Fragonard! Moooovies, oh gosh, SO MANY! My favourite is Loves of a Blonde followed closely by Sense and Sensibility, Valerie and her Week of Wonders, Daisies, Amadeus, Great Expectations, Willow (sentimental reasons, I had a "willow club" in elementary school, hehe) and a slew of embarrassing comedies!

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You and Landon live in a dreamy apartment in New York City. How has the city affected your style and creativity?

New York is incredibly inspiring because everybody is working so hard on their own brilliant projects that I'd feel terribly useless if I weren't busy myself! That is not to say that I don't spend a copious amount of time making crumbs in my bed streaming various entertainment. My style has stayed relatively similar as most of our funds are tied up in feeding and sheltering ourselves and that limits our shopping a great deal!

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Tell us about The Loved One!

The Loved One is a business I started a year ago with my partner Elvia Lahman! We started as a wholesale business and recently expanded to include a line of vintage inspired lingerie that (fingers crossed) should be available within a week from now!

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The muse behind The Loved One's pretty, vintage inspired-pieces - what is she like?

She laughs a lot, she spills things on herself (possibly while eating hot dogs), she dances, reads loads, loves vintage under-roos and most importantly she wears the pants for herself first!

What will you be wearing for the holidays?

I was just wondering this myself! We're having a little party soon and I'm trying to figure out what to wear! Perhaps you could help me? It's between this jumper, this dress, and this velvet number! I love getting super gussied up for the holidays! (my vote is for the velvet mini dress! what do you guys think?)

Any exciting future plans or ventures in the works?

The most exciting thing for me would be to stay in our home/city for more than three months at a time without any plans, trains or automobiles involved and spend all day playing with the kittens and scheming up a brick and mortar shop to call my own! For now I'm focusing on the lingerie launch and working on the next collection!

Thanks so much, Hannah! Be sure to check out her lovely lingerie endeavor with Elvia Lahman, The Loved One.

Photos courtesy of Hannah Kristina Metz. Film still from Loves of a Blonde.

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