lula snapshots


Better late than never, right? Nashville finally has Lula Issue Eleven. I grabbed it at Borders as soon as I heard it was in.

Here are some of my favorite images from Issue Eleven, featuring Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy as guest editors. The entire issue is filled with spring inspiration in the form of paper dolls, 1970s urban style photographs with button up blouses and midi skirts, and all-pink (in a good way, I promise) fashion shoots. One article features Kirsten Dunst in a white dress collection that's all at once elegant and eerie.

trailr pink
lace cuff
kirsten dunst

This issue's highlight for me? Definitely Sofia Coppola's interview with Milena Canonero, famed costume designer of A Clockwork Orange, Marie Antoinette, and Barry Lyndon.

Sewing Saturday tomorrow! Happy weekend, all.