rachel antonoff fall/winter 2011

maybe trioplaid mini

If only my old high school dances looked like this. I doubt anyone had more fun at New York Fashion Week than Rachel Antonoff.. this past Saturday, LaGuardia High School (of Fame.. fame) was host to Rachel's Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The Like performed, Julia Frakes styled, Alexa Chung attended.

And this is one of the (rare but potent) moments that make me wish I lived in New York City.

Lovely lovely cream colored tights, plaid drop waist dresses, two toned saddle shoes galore (courtesy of Antonoff's collaboration with Bass), velvet trousers, floral brocade skirts, and a playful trombone print. Sweetly dressed models in oversized glasses were dancing with boys in bow ties, and the tables were dusted with candy necklaces and twinkies.

white dressjacket
favorite 2trombone
black dress dancebrocade velvet
velvet trousers 2maybe 3

I can't choose my favorite dress. Maybe the brown velvet and floral brocade one with the bow at the waist? Or the sheer drop waist dress with white bows on the front? Which outfit do you like the most?

Photos courtesy of here.