frances benjamin johnston


Recently, I was catching up on the Silent Sundays blog when I noticed a post focused on Arnold Genthe's autochromes, all available at the Library of Congress' website. The autochromes were beautiful. Of course, I jumped on the Library of Congress link and spent way too long going through old photographs, some of the best being images shot by Frances Benjamin Johnston from the late 1890s to the 1920s.

Some of Johnston's shots include interiors of decadent Victorian homes, others are portraits taken of wealthy or important people of her time, but all of her photographs evoke feelings of trips to hidden places. They're inspiring and otherworldly, and they also make me want to jump in our truck and drive off somewhere. I've been itching for a vacation for awhile, and a road trip to some seaside destination sounds pretty perfect.. especially with this heat and humidity we've been fighting in Nashville.

four figures
rock garden

virginia loghouse